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The Damage Done

The budget impasse has been a disaster for Illinois’ human service infrastructure. Entire programs are in danger of going extinct, leaving tens of thousands of Illinoisans without treatment. Loss of human services can lead to increased prison recidivism and emergency room usage, greater strain on limited police and 911 call center resources, and rising drug abuse and unemployment rates. The shrinking of this sector also means loss of jobs and a hit to the state’s economy.

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IDHS: Dollar Impact on Providers

More than 1,200 providers contract with the Illinois Department of Human Services, and it is this group where the largest losses of support from state government have occurred. See highlightsClick map marker for details

    -$7,056,555 to -$122,037       -$122,037 to -$22,812       -$22,812 to $1,354       $1,354 to $5,168,710

Map of dollar impact  •  Map of percentage change  •  Data

Highlights of declines in IDHS support from 2015 to 2016:

  • Thresholds (substance abuse and mental illness): $3.8 million
  • Centerstone of Illinois (behavioral health): $1.7 million
  • Youth Outreach Services in Chicago: $1.5 million
  • Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois: $1.3 million
  • Connections for the Homeless in Evanston: $638,000
  • Teen Parent Connection in Glen Ellyn: 86% decline
  • Family Counseling Center in Golconda: 79% decline
  • Youth Guidance in Chicago: 67% decline
  • Early Childhood Coalition of the Quad Cities: 41% decline
  • Children’s Home + Aid Society of Illinois: 32% decline

Data, mapping and analysis were prepared by Rob Paral and Associates. This analysis has been made possible with generous support from The Chicago Community Trust.

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Budget: the Damage Done

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