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The values at the core of our awareness campaign
Human Services Works is…

A statewide public awareness and advocacy campaign to enhance the conversation about what makes Illinois communities strong

Human services are usually viewed as a series of specific programs that address specific needs. There is less discussion about how these programs and issues are interwoven and interconnected.

Policy makers often focus too much on the immediate costs of programs rather on their longer-term benefits.

Human Services Works is an initiative by several leading Illinois organizations to enhance the conversation about the investments Illinois makes in its people.

The campaign is focused on:
• Showing the many ways human services is confronting the issues that are important to all of us and how those issues are inter-related.
• Celebrating and profiling the smart and talented people who work in human services and are delivering value every day.
• Being a curator of the data and research into the specific returns on investment for human services.

The campaign is targeted to:
• Policy makers and opinion leaders
• Business leaders
• Media
• Anyone who cares about the pressing issues of our time

The concept of the Awareness Campaign is taken from communications research conducted by the Frameworks Institute. Their methods support the ability of nonprofit organizations to further public understanding of human service issues. Learn more about the publications and other exciting resources at

Human Services Works: Enhancing the conversations about investments in people


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