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Illinois Partners for Human Service is building a movement in communities around the state to educate and inform human service providers and their clients to advocate for the basic rights we all deserve. Our human services network supports the most valuable asset Illinois possesses - its residents.

This system must be well-managed, maintained, and renewed in order for people and communities within it to remain healthy, safe and prepared for current and future economic challenges to its well-being. By raising the collective voice of our over 800 coalition partners, Illinois Partners fosters collaborations to achieve quality services, adequate funding and measurable results for those most in need.

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Issue of the Week: Service Cuts to People with Disabilities

Providing services to assist people with disabilities is a moral and economic imperative for Illinois. These support services, including vocational training, in-home respite and family support have cut state-wide institutionalization costs as well as provided better outcomes for individuals and families.

Countryside Association for People with Disabilities in Palatine has been providing such services for over 50 years, but has been severely threatened by state budget cuts since 2009. CEO Wayne Kulick last estimated state back-payments to be upwards of $1.2 million. “Due to delayed payments we often must go to our credit lines to make payroll. In FY12 Countryside paid $18,000 in interest expense, [in addition to] $36,000 in FY11; funds that could have been better used to provide services.” In order to remain operational, Countryside has frozen its wages for the last 5 years, cut staff benefits, and had to cut services to its clients who need them most. 
Supporting the organizations that help our families is a key responsibility of the state. Paying the not-for-profit human service community providers for services delivered is the number one obligation of the state. 

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Illinois Partners is launching a new campaign to reframe and transform the public conversation about human services in Illinois. Our goal is to increase engagement and support for human services.

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